Thank you for visiting this page. We are not yet ready to post the 2023 schedule. However we generally follow the same structure each year. We have left the 2022 schedule posted here so you may review the schedule flow and the types of sessions we include. Hope you will be able to join us in July of 2023!


2022 Summer Institute Schedule

20th Annual Summer Institute
Forward Together ~ Building Bridges

July 18-20th 2022

Embassy Suites at Destiny USA Syracuse NY

Conference Schedule 

Monday July 18, 2022

7:45 Registration

8:40 Welcome/PSA

9:00 Keynote I:  It's Time for Some Action
Dr. Steve Perry

10:00 Vendor Showcase

10:30 Breakout I: 

Session A: It's Time for Some Action
Dr. Steve Perry

Session B: The Transition Thought Exchange: Developing Collaboratives CSN/School District Partnerships
Naomi Brickel and Yvette Goorevitch

Session C: Developing Distributive Leadership: Leveraging Expertise and Fostering Collaborative Relationships Between Special Education Teachers and Speech and Language Pathologists
Julie Sawyer, Shannon Shaw, Deb Smith and Armine Spoelstra

11:30 Vendor Showcase

12:00 The Karen Norlander Legal Advocacy Award/Lunch/Business Meeting - Congratulations Jay Worona!

1:15 Keynote II: Special Education: Federal Law, Federal Advocacy and Education
Phyllis Wolfram Executive Director National CASE 

2:30 Vendor Showcase

2:45 Breakout Session II:

Session E: Common Sense in MTSS: The Why Behind the What
Dr. Eva Dundas and Dr. Steve Rappleyea

Session F: Reengagement Priority 1: Mental Health Needs Identified by Universal Screening
Dr. Daniella Maglione

Session G: ECHO Autism: Autism Best Practices
Tracy Schober and Ashley Velez

Session H: Leading Change: Special Class Reading
Armine Spoelstra

3:45 Vendor Showcase

4:15 President's Reception
* Please be sure to join us for free awesome Hors D'Oeuvres and wine!

Tuesday July 19, 2022

8:15  Introduction/PSA

8:30  Keynote III:  Before DEI: The Work Behind the Work
Paul Forbes

10:00 Vendor Showcase

10:30 Breakout III:

Session I: Implicit Bias Awareness Overview
Paul Forbes

Session J: Reimagining School Through MTSS
Nicole Scariano

Session K: Changing the Function of the Functional Behavioral Assessment: Developing a Collaborative, Problem Solving Model Using the FBA Process
Dr. Catherine Guthrie

Session L: IEP Writing and COVID Recovery: Tips from the Field
Megan McCormick, Dr. David Bateman, Sarah Backal-Balik, Matt Korobkin

11:30 Vendor Showcase

12:00 Lunch/ Friend Of Special Education Award - Congratulations Assemblyman Al Stirpe!

1:00Vendor Showcase

1:15 Keynote IV: 10 Big Ideas to Increase the Learning Achievement of Students with Disabilities
John O'Connor

2:45 Vendor Showcase

3:15 Breakout IV:

Session M: Defining Tier 1 and Specially Deigned Instruction
John O'Connor

Session N:  Implicit Bias Awareness Overview
Paul Forbes

Session O:  Medical & Educational Professionals: Do We Speak the Same Language?
Susan Sloma and Gloria Jean

Session P:  The Importance of Supporting Learners with Varying Levels of Need Utilizing an MTSS Framework
Megan Stuhrmann, John Henyecz

4:15 Vendor Showcase

Wednesday July 20, 2022

8:00 Breakfast

8:45 Introduction

9:00 Special Education Administrator of the Year Award - Congratulations Ms. Cheryl Cardone Grand Island School District!

9:30 Building Educational System Capacity to Support the Implementation of a Multi-tiered System of Supports – Integrated Framework in New York State 
Christopher Suriano - Assistant Commissioner NYSED and Kathleen Milliman Chief of Special Education Services NYSED 

11:00 Raffle items!         Congratulations to the many winners!!